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  1. GREAT NEWS ABOUT CANADA POST! However I’m here to say, “Where ARE All the comments HERE about HOW AMAZING PHARMABEE’S AWESOME Products ARE? I’m NOT One whom EVER does the Review Gig.
    UNTIL NOW! ? “PHARMABEE Has Truly Improved Their Payment via e transfer, It was Super Simple & Quick”
    & I Received my package very discreetly in just a couple days. You’s have also expanded your Flavor list quite nicely. I’ve ordered 6 of the 9 available. I’m looking Forward to next week when I Can Purchase the 3 I’ve yet to try available to purchase. My Instincts were Bang On & I’m Glad that I’m One of the very Lucky Clients Of PharmaBee. I’ve searched for the REAL DEAL In Honey Oil for a couple of years. However Until Now I’ve Not been able to Find It. PharmaBee Has The TASTE, SMELL & LOOK!
    I’ve found several IMPOSTER HONEY OILS. That have had 1 of the above traits.
    -However, NONE HAVE THE COMPLETE PACKAGE- Of Old School Honey Oil It’s been approx.. 21yrs-
    -Since I Last Tasted “THE REAL DEAL” GREAT JOB PHARMABEE! Keep making these Amazing Extracts-

    Sincerely: Don D.

    Donald Dunham
    Jul 27, 2016 Reply

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