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  1. cool site dude, i honestly just wanted to be the first patient or member to leave you guys some positive feedback in the comments box. Thanks for keeping MTL on the map with A1 quality. Two thumbs up

    Boogie Man
    May 8, 2014 Reply
  2. I bought a pharma-bee honey stick at the dispensary and love it. It’s so convenient when my pain flares up and I’m out somewhere I can’t smoke or vape. It barely smells at all, unlike the vaporizer I have. I will definitely buy more of them.

    Jan 18, 2016 Reply
  3. I would just like to take a second out of my day today to let everybody out there know that as a medical patient and in need of medication.

    PHARMABEE is going to help you.

    If you are out there looking for a company who truly cares and is compassionate about patience unlike a lot of licensed producers who are just out there for the money give PHARMABEE a chance.

    I, like some of you out there was a little bit skeptical moving away from my license producer to get medical help from somewhere else.

    PHARMABEE has walked me through the whole process help me to decide what medications would be right for me and has taken the time out of the day for me to make sure that I get exactly what is needed for me.

    I have been a medical patient for the last 3 years with several different companies along the way in all the time that I have been a medical patient I have never even come close to a company as compassionate as PHARMABEE

    Now I am 100% sure that I have found a company who will be able to take care of my medical needs without the use of Narcotics.

    I can get the medication I need to me so that I can administer it in the form in which I choose as opposed to having to take only what licensed producers are allowed to give.

    I will be on here from time to time posting about all of the different medications that I’ve tried and all of the different effects that they have on me and hopefully my feedback can help everyone out there when choosing the right medication for you.

    Just remember if you’re unsure what medication to take or how much will help you can always ask somebody at PHARMABEE they would be more than willing to take the time out of their day to make sure that you get the right medications and doses that you need to help you have the best health possible from years of experience and trials.

    Thank you for doing more for me than all of the doctors and the licensed producers.

    I am truly grateful for everything that PHARMABEE has done for me and I will always be a lifetime customer patient.

    Thank You so much
    Vincent Pezze

    Vincent Pezze
    Apr 13, 2016 Reply

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